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Job market: understand new trends

The job market is constantly changing and new trends emerge from it. In this text we will provide you with these changes. Check out! Are you worried...

Are courses for young people important for the job market?

Many parents wonder if courses for young people are really important for the job market or if they are just a tool to occupy...

7 important tools for young people and technology

Wix Wix is ​​a tool that manages to capture this spirit of young people, technology and entrepreneurship, especially for those who want to set up their...

10 fun facts about the technology you didn’t know

A few years ago, it was routine for people to send letters and do research in giant paper encyclopedias, but that time is gone...

Technology: Discover the 5 Films and Series to learn about the subject

Think of the 1929 science fiction film Metropolis. Since its early years, cinema has shown a lot of interest in telling stories about technology, hasn't...

New technologies: stay on top of the news!

New technologies surprise us every day and, from time to time, we feel a little out of the way, right? Some things that seem...

7 Technologies from 80’s movies that are real today

Who doesn't like good science fiction movies set in the future? Throughout the history of Cinema, many futuristic versions of our world have been...