10 fun facts about the technology you didn’t know

A few years ago, it was routine for people to send letters and do research in giant paper encyclopedias, but that time is gone now, practically everyone has a supercomputer less than a meter away 24 hours a day, a cell phone. The world of technology is constantly being updated and you need to stay in tune so you don’t miss anything. Check out now some fun facts about technology that you probably didn’t know!


fun facts about technology

NASA computer

Do you know this device you are reading right now? Or your cell phone that crashes when you open a very heavy game? So, it is much more powerful than the NASA computer that took man to the moon! Computers back then weren’t much, compared to today’s they were nothing! Amazing how technology evolves very quickly right?




Very hard for you not to meet our dear friend Siri, the most famous virtual assistant so far. But did you know that in 2012 at least 17 girls were named Siri at birth?



Probably the most iconic smartphone of all time. With all this fame Apple, the company that owns the iPhone, managed to spread more than 682 million cell phones across all countries. Are you part of this statistic?



firefox logo

The literal translation of Firefox would be “Firefox”, strange isn’t it? But it turns out it’s not that random, they chose it because the name they wanted, Phoenix “Phoenix”, was already being used by another company, Phoenix is ​​a mythological animal that is reborn from its own ashes, it’s a firebird. They wanted this name because Firefox was made from another browser at the time, that is, it was reborn from it. Ai Firefox is named after a red panda native to the Himalayas.



You may have already noticed how these wonders of the modern world make our lives easier, right? And the name robot is not for nothing, it was given by one of the most influential science fiction writers, considered the creator of the genre, its name comes from a Czech origin “robot”, which means “slave”!



video tape

If you were one of those people who spent hours in front of the television watching your cartoon tapes as a child or had all your birthday parties recorded on them, you will certainly enjoy this curiosity.

Did you know that the first VCR created in 1956 was the size of a piano? Yes, a piano. Have you ever imagined such a thing in your living room just to record moments?

QWERTY keyboard

Who has never tried to type a word or even a phrase using just one line of the keyboard? But know, this is possible. The words Alaska, US, can be typed on the same line on a QWERTY keyboard. Interesting, isn’t it?


love over the internet

soon tinder

The internet is a walking cupid, that’s for sure, but did you know that 2 out of 8 couples actually met through it? Yeah, the virtual world can also be a great place to meet.

Technology Companies in New Zealand

Several technology companies test most of their products in New Zealand. Do you know why? Simple, because this is an English-speaking country and above all, it is far from all the others, which consequently ends up making it difficult for news to spread quickly. Surely that’s a good strategy, isn’t it?



realistic fish

And finally, on our list of tech trivia: we have the realistic fish. In 2012, the famous NYU-Poly built a fish that simulated the same movement of this species. The production was so perfect that when it was inserted together with the real fish in their habitat, it ended up becoming their leader. Only with that, we can already see the great advance in technology.

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