5 Reasons Why Kids Love Minecraft


Minecraft, which is seen by many as a digital Lego, is one of the most loved games by children. The game basically consists of mining and building virtual wooden blocks. With these blocks, the player can assemble anything he wants, from small objects to entire cities.

The game is a great tool to exercise creativity. You don’t have to worry if you have a child who likes to spend his free time in front of the computer playing Minecraft.

Children like this game for many reasons and today you will understand 5 of the main ones.


Minecraft exercises creativity

When we are children, we are at the height of discoveries. Children like to test, create, invent, assemble and dismantle everything that lies ahead.

As the main objective of the game is to assemble objects, buildings and even entire cities, children can exercise all their creativity. This is the first proof of Minecraft’s educational power and the first reason why kids love this game so much.


They can build a world any way they want

If the child wants to build a car with 5 wheels, in Minecraft, he can. If the child wants to build 5 houses next to each other, in Minecraft he can.

The construction perspectives in the game are practically endless and the barriers are almost invisible. When a child is faced with the possibility of doing exactly what he wants, he immediately falls in love.


No need to follow a dramatic plot

The game, in sandbox format, ie, non-linear gameplay, does not require players to follow a dramatic plot to achieve a specific and clear objective. The main concept of a sandbox game is to allow the player to modify their virtual world and create the way they play.

There is no way to “win” in Minecraft, so children enjoy much lighter and looser gameplay. Freedom is everything to a child and this aspect makes them enjoy the game even more.


They experience a wide-open world

The creator of Minecraft also adopted another incredible concept for creating his game: the open-world concept. This concept allows the player to move freely in an “endless world” with considerable freedom to choose when they want to accomplish their goals.

In League of Legends, for example, players are limited to a map, such as Summoner’s Rift, surrounded by artificial barriers, and it is not possible to cross these barriers. This is a linear game and your objectives must be fulfilled within this map in a clear and predetermined way (in this case, destroy the enemy team’s Nexus, as you can see in the image below).


Children do not like the limitations and barriers that are naturally imposed by adults. So, when we bring this concept of open world in a game to a child’s life, we offer them an escape tool and all their wishes can be fulfilled in the virtual world.


It is possible to customize your dolls

How many times has a child wanted to wear certain clothes and their parents forbade it? How many children have wanted to have their hair colored for a day?

Minecraft allows the player to customize the puppet they play with. This is another way to exercise creativity and get rid of the barriers and limits they face in the real world, making the most of their imagination.

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