7 important tools for young people and technology



Wix is ​​a tool that manages to capture this spirit of young people, technology and entrepreneurship, especially for those who want to set up their own web page. 

In practice, Wix is ​​a platform that helps to build websites in all the aspects necessary for this type of activity. 

Some of its advantages are that it is a free tool and that it can be easily customized.

The creation of a website or even a blog using Wix is ​​carried out through an intuitive editor, that is, without the need for in-depth knowledge of programming. Just go assembling the space however you want. 

Other than that, Wix offers secure hosting, in addition to a domain completely free of charge. 

In addition, you have more than 500 templates available to serve as a base. 

And, finally, whoever chooses this tool as a possibility for entrepreneurship will be able to easily set up virtual stores and develop mobile applications. 

It’s certainly a great way to improve the relationship between young people and technology

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

Being on the first pages of Google referrals helps a lot to give visibility to anything you do on the web.

So, in this sense of young people and technology, tools that can help a lot are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. 

These are, in short, paid ads that can help leverage any content on the internet and increase engagement. 

Hiring this service on Google and on the Facebook network ensures that the page (one made on Wix, for example) stays in prominent places, more visible to those who browse frequently. In addition, you can still target ad exposure


For those young people who are just starting out in the job market, have a project in mind and want to properly manage their ideas, a good technological tool is the 5H2W. 

The acronym comes from English and literally means: “questions that must be answered before taking a project off the paper”. In this sense, the questions are as follows: 


  • What? (How will the project be carried out?)
  • Why? (Why will it be done? / What is the justification? What are the goals?)
  • Onde? (Where?)
  • When? (When? / What is the deadline?)
  • Who? (By whom? / Who will be responsible?)


  • How? (How will it be done?)
  • How much? (How much will it cost?)

It is clear, therefore, that these are basic questions, but they guarantee that they have adequate planning, so that young people and technology understand each other well, and that they can enjoy its benefits in a very simple way. 


Recently, Sebrae units launched the Icode (which stands for “Identification of Behavior for Guidance to Entrepreneurial Development”). 

It is a digital tool whose purpose is to identify compatible business profiles, considering multiple skills.

Basically, it works like this: Icode finds the ideal business profile for the young person, and shows what the strengths and weaknesses of that particular business are. 

The tool is free, consisting of a detailed online questionnaire. The answers given will be used by the system to cross-reference with the most suitable business profiles at that moment. 

A beautiful way to unite young people and technology in the field of entrepreneurship. 


One of the most effective ways to get a good venture is to have a close relationship with the target audience, that is, attract more people to the content that is being made. 

In short, to retain the clientele, directing those who are interested to the next steps, to those decisive moments of closing a deal, for example. And for that, leadlovers are excellent tools. 

From it, the young entrepreneur will have access to resources that will facilitate actions of any kind, such as preparing personalized emails that will be sent to the target audience according to their segmentation. 

Not to mention that it is a tool that guarantees the automated sending of SMS and even the creation of chats. A great opportunity to unite young people and technology

Google Sheets

young entrepreneurship

Google Spreadsheets (Google Sheets) is undoubtedly an important technology for the youth who want to learn about organization and productivity.

This is a tool with important differentials, such as the option of working on documents while offline, and also invite more people to collaborate in the production of documents.

In addition, the tool allows different versions of documents, with the possibility of customization and dynamic layouts.

In this feature, the user can also create spreadsheets using mobile devices, editing fonts, customizing cells, and of course, using advanced options to format content.


Young people and technology is a perfect combination to use Canvas, even more, for those who think about entrepreneurship already in adolescence.

Because this tool aims to use a business model and see if this model is valid or not. 

It works through a sheet with nine segments, making the young entrepreneur analyze certain parameters. 

Among these parameters is a reflection on the main activities of the business, as well as the reaction towards the customer. 

In this way, it is possible to map all the main needs of an initial project , for example.

However, making that, no matter how young, the person already has a sense of an enterprise.

In other words, Canvas serves as an organizing tool as well as many others, bringing together young people and the latest technology well. 

Bearing in mind that before filling in these blocks, it is necessary to reflect carefully, as an incomplete or confusing answer compromises the result that this tool can provide. 

Anyway, these are 7 tools that can be useful for young people and technology. They will certainly be a differential for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship or simply learn more!

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