7 Technologies from 80’s movies that are real today


Who doesn’t like good science fiction movies set in the future? Throughout the history of Cinema, many futuristic versions of our world have been presented, hitting and wrong about a lot. We can venture to say, however, that no era has made as many correct promises as the 1980s.

Today we’re going to talk about some famous movies from that decade and how they got right in predicting some of the technologies that are real today. Follow:



  1. Back to the Future 2: video games played without hands

video game

The adventures of Marty McFly and Doctor Brown in the De Lorean car, the most famous time machine in cinema, hit a lot that was yet to come. Therefore, you will still see this movie in several items on this list.

If you think that the Xbox launched Kinect — the first device that lets you play without using your hands — in 2008, the movie De Volta Pro Futuro nailed the forecast, as it takes place in 2015. Other video game makers like Nintendo and Sony also embraced the novelty and today almost every console has its Kinect variation.

  1. The Jetsons: Video Calls

Okay, okay. If you are among the most attentive nerds, you may have wondered why The Jetsons cartoon appears on this list, as it was created in 1962.

Even so, we’re going to include it here for two reasons: there was a revival with new episodes in the 1980s in the US and, moreover, they only became successful in Brazil after 1984.

Those who watched this cartoon remember George Jetson communicating with Mr. Spacely, his boss, through a very large device with a screen. This technology fascinated children at the time, but it would hardly do the same today, as video calling is already part of our lives.

The Jetsons cartoon takes place in 2062. From the carriage’s floor, this technology may very well be outdated by the time we get to this year, isn’t it?

  1. Blade Runner: advertisements on huge screens

Director Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic hit the bull’s-eye when showing advertising in the cities of the future. Megacities like Tokyo or New York are littered with advertising screens, though they lack the decaying vibe of Blade Runner’s post-apocalyptic future.

  1. Back to the Future 2: interactive glasses

There he is again. The film directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Steven Spielberg got it right once again. There’s a scene where Marty McFly’s kids sit at the table wearing futuristic glasses — a much larger, clumsier version of Google Glass — where they watch television and interact with friends.

To complete the list of correct predictions, the parents get irritated with them, demanding that they not use the table apparatus and talk to the family. Did you identify yourself?

  1. Woman Note 1000: 3D printing
weird science

What about that classic of the Afternoon Session in which two teenagers create the perfect woman and bring her to life from inside the computers, with a somewhat absurd method, but that still reminds a little of today’s 3D printing?

  1. Tron — An Electronic Odyssey: Virtual Reality and Antivirus

For movie novices, this title will be easy to remember, as it had a very recent sequel. The basis of Tron’s plot is the odyssey of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who has an accident and ends up inside a computer system.

Immersion in a virtual environment was responsible for the fascination that the film caused in teenagers at the time and we can say that Tron predicted virtual reality. In addition, Flynn is stalked by programs that “patrol” in search of intruders. Who won’t remember current antiviruses, right?

  1. Back to the Future 2: Flat Screen TV

In the 1980s, a television set was something big, clunky, with a curved screen, and very, very heavy. Could it be that manufacturers were inspired by the TVs in one of the movies on our list to create the light and thin devices that can be found today?

The future in cinema may well have helped in the development of some of the technologies that are already at our disposal, don’t you agree? The 80’s movies got a lot right and a lot wrong too, but above all they were visionary!

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