Day-to-day programming: How it is part of our routine


Programming codes are the raw material with which websites, computer programs, smartphone and tablet applications, video games and many other ultra-technological resources that are part of our daily lives are made.

Thinking about these complex tools created with them makes it seem that coding is something that started to exist very recently and is linked only to modern and innovative inventions.

However, the simple fact that we think this way shows that our access to this type of information is still restricted. Do you want proof? Check out some examples of much simpler things that were created with programming code and you never stopped to think:

supermarket scales

Long before there were phones that perform all kinds of tasks, virtual reality and other innovations, you already knew the weight of your purchases precisely because of the programming codes.

The software of those old digital supermarket scales was created using these codes and already simplified our lives a lot, long before we dreamed of what the technology would become.

A supermarket that doesn’t need cashiers is currently being developed by Amazon. That’s right, when you leave the supermarket you are automatically charged by your credit card and the supermarket knows what you bought. It seems impossible, right? See the video below and understand better:

bank ATMs

ATMs appeared long before most modern computers and smartphones. In addition, it was by withdrawing money and checking the bank statement on these machines that many people became aware of the touch screen technology — the same one, so common nowadays, in which you navigate by pressing device screens with your fingers.

The ATMs also follow technological development with new features such as fingerprint identification. What do you think the next innovation in banking systems should be?

Cash Registers and Calculators

That’s right. Programming codes are applied to simple things like that. The cash registers are so old that it is difficult to think that were replaced by computers and readers of bar codes in supermarkets.

Programming codes are far from being new things. But they are the ones who drive this entire technological revolution that we are experiencing. There’s an old saying that the best ideas are also the simplest. Do you remember some gadgets that seem obsolete but were technological fads in the 80s?

The world of smartphones

Every day new apps appear with the aim of making our life easier. It’s become so commonplace that it’s hard to remember what everyday life was like without them.

From the moment we wake up with a pre-programmed alarm clock with a song of our choice, we see the weather forecast, we remember the day’s appointments with the online calendar, we order an uber or a meal per app, we consult maps and travel times, everything this is due to programming and technology creation.

Google search engine


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