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New technologies surprise us every day and, from time to time, we feel a little out of the way, right? Some things that seem to have come out of science fiction movies are already being created and should become reality soon. The future must be increasingly practical and technological and you won’t want to be left out.

We’ve prepared a list of some of the most interesting new technology. Follow through to the end and see what’s new in the world of technological innovation.

Folding screen television

picture on LG folding TV

Bought a cell phone with a screen too big to watch TV channels and regret it? A few years from now you won’t need all that effort anymore: LG has just launched a portable television. Okay, this one is not quite the meaning of “laptop” you are used to. It rolls up like a newspaper and fits in your pocket!

In addition to this model, the brand also announced its biggest innovation in terms of definition: a 98-inch TV with 8K resolution! And you’re thinking 4K TVs are great, huh? Ah, but this one won’t fit in your pants pocket, okay? 


Volvo Car with Netflix Movie Download

Okay, you were already there thinking: “Wow, but what am I going to do with television that fits in my pocket if I don’t have mobile internet to watch a movie on it? ”

Well, know that Netflix has developed a system that allows you to download movies to watch offline. For now, this system only works in a Volvo car, completely futuristic and automated. The idea of ​​this car is that it is driven practically alone. Then, on a trip from one city to another, the driver won’t have much to do. Why not watch a movie on Netflix even without any internet coverage?

Netflix hasn’t said anything about whether this download system will also be available to us poor mortals who can’t afford this hugely expensive car. But you can be hopeful that this service will also be available for PCs and mobile devices soon, can’t you?


Monitor that charges the cell phone

new technologies: image of the monitor that charges the cell phone

 Dell has always been a reference in innovation and new technologies for computers. What no one expected is that it would take the first step towards a smartphone revolution.

What is the biggest problem with these devices? Drums! Knowing this, the Texan company has just released a computer monitor that charges your cell phone. Just leave it lying on the monitor base and you’re done! Well, the price of this technological apparatus is almost 500 dollars, but the expectation is that it will go down…


Sony’s VR glasses

new technologies: man wearing sony virtual glasses

Everyone who bought a Playstation 4 was already eagerly awaiting the Sony Playstation VR, modern glasses virtual reality for Sony games.

According to the manufacturer, in addition to a very realistic definition and being able to really put the player “in” the game, the glasses are very comfortable. Let’s face it, it’s hard to be immersed in a game’s environment if you’re bothered by apparatus that hurts behind your ears, isn’t it?

In the US the Playstation VR is already on pre-order. Anyone who buys it now receives it in October when it is actually launched. It costs $500 and the user still needs to buy a camera separately to capture their head movements.

The bad news is that there is still no forecast for this item to reach the Brazilian market.


Samsung Smart Refrigerator

New Technologies: Samsung Touch Smart Refrigerator Image
New technologies in your kitchen

Anyone familiar with the concept of the Internet of Things knows that the homes of the future will be fully computerized. Smart locks, elevators, cars that don’t need to be controlled…

Samsung took a big step towards this modernization by launching its smart refrigerator, the Samsung Family Hub. It works with an integrated operating system. On the 21-inch screen, you can keep track of the items inside without having to open the device, make purchases directly from your credit card and monitor the temperature of food.

With all these new technologies, the future looks so much more practical and fun.

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