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5 Reasons Why Kids Love Minecraft

Minecraft, which is seen by many as a digital Lego, is one of the most loved games by children. The game basically consists of...

8 Important women for science and technology

If you type “famous scientists” into Google's image search, you'll see a series of very similar faces, predominantly white and male. In the history...

Productivity: Technology can be a powerful tool

Technology surrounds us. It is increasingly present at work, at home and in social relationships. We've already talked here on the blog about technological...

The future is in the cloud and you don’t want to be left out!

When you want to buy a new computer or phone, one of the questions is what is the internal capacity of this new device....

Day-to-day programming: How it is part of our routine

Programming codes are the raw material with which websites, computer programs, smartphone and tablet applications, video games and many other ultra-technological resources that are...

Robotics in the Classroom: Here’s How!

Time spent with chalk and blackboard in the classroom. Technology has taken over the school environment, transforming the teaching methodology of schools and arousing...

3 platforms that will make your child an expert in game creation

Currently, the benefits of technology for the education of children and young people are on the rise. One of the most common and efficient ways...