Technology: Discover the 5 Films and Series to learn about the subject


Think of the 1929 science fiction film Metropolis. Since its early years, cinema has shown a lot of interest in telling stories about technology, hasn’t it? And, lately, we’ve had great movies and series on the topic.

We prepared this list with the 5 movies and series for you to learn about technology. Open Netflix and start adding! Let’s go to them:

1.2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick – 1968)


For those who have seen it, the presence of this movie in this list is so obvious that we think it should be the first. Released a year before Man set foot on the Moon, this classic begins in prehistory and leaps from tens of thousands of years to 2001 when a manned spacecraft heads for the limits of our Solar System.

It is a contemplative film, full of grandiose images – sometimes even harrowing – and it is not uncommon to be considered the best film in the history of cinema.



We also recommend reading the book of the same name by Arthur C. Clarke, which gave rise to the film. In both, you’ll learn about light-speed travel, relativity theory, cryogenics, and meet the HAL 9000 computer, perhaps the most intriguing character in a science fiction movie.

Mysticism, History, technology and suspense in the same film. Can you imagine what’s next?

2. Mr Robot (Sam Esmail – 2015)


If we think about it, this series can be considered — at least in the plot — as a modern superhero story. Elliot, a hacker who has serious problems getting along with other people, works for a company that specializes in digital security during the day and fights crime using his computer skills at night.

The super-villain of the time is the character that gives the series its name. Mr. Robot hires Elliot to join his hacker community that plans to destroy a megacorporation. Guess what: it’s precisely the company Elliot works for.

But who is the real villain in the story? Is it really Mr. Robot or the company he intends to destroy?

Whatever the outcome of this plot, one thing is certain: if you want to know about digital espionage, programming, software and technology in general, this is the series for you!

3. Interstellar (Christopher Nolan – 2014)

Slide interstellar

So you can see how seriously science and technology were taken in this film, Jonathan Nolan, the screenwriter of Interstellar, took a physics course to write it. And the film even has the advice of an expert in astrophysics.

Interstellar addresses many of the most important themes for the development of technology in the late 20th and early 19th centuries: relativity theory, space travel, black holes, software. And, as a free gift, you’ll even get some top-notch post-apocalyptic science fiction!

Give this movie a prominent place on your list and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

4. Black Mirror (Charlie Brooker – 2011)


Black Mirror is not the kind of television series that uses tech elements to build a plot. She goes much further: the main subject of her episodes is precisely technology.

The title itself, which can be translated as “black mirror” refers to a blank cell phone screen and already works as a questioning of our obsession with technological devices and virtual reality. The view of technology here is not the most optimistic, as you may have already noticed.

For those who don’t have much patience to follow series with their long stories, good news: the Black Mirror chapters are not interconnected and each one has its own existence. It’s like a storybook.

5. The Social Network (David Fincher – 2010)


There are many bad film adaptations of biographies of great programming personalities. But The Social Network is a notable exception.

The story of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is told by David Fincher, responsible for films such as Fight Club and Seven – The Seven Deadly Sins.

In this adaptation, you may be surprised by some details about Facebook: did you know that one of the creators of the original algorithm was the Brazilian Eduardo Saverin?

Of course, our list is not definitive, is it? The intention here was just to indicate 5 good movies and series to learn about technology. You know: when making a list like this, personal taste counts for a lot, doesn’t it?

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