What are drones and how can they be used?


Technology is always advancing and almost daily new developments appear that are intended to facilitate a series of activities and bring better experiences and life conditions for all people. One technology that has drawn considerable attention is drones. Drones can have a greater use in the lives of ordinary people than you might think.


What are drones?

Drones do not have a single, precise definition, nor that simple, but we can classify drones as a kind of aerial vehicle, a small, unmanned flying object that is remotely controlled.

You can command and determine all the drone’s movements and actions, without the need for direct contact with the equipment. They can perform all sorts of activities, including heavy activities and in unfriendly environments.


Drones have become quite popular among the military, due to the enormous utility they can have in certain operations, where direct human action is not possible or desired and warfare strategy can achieve different objectives. However, its usefulness is not limited to military activities. Drones can and are used in civil society to facilitate a large number of activities.

Recently, in October, a drone was launched in Oklahoma, USA, by General Electric, at the oil and gas development research centre. With a weight of 9 kg, the main use of this drone is being able to detect leaks in an agile and efficient way.

Intel has also recently released a drone intended for use within the industry. In addition to these two, a third drone model was developed in Rwanda, which will have the incredible functionality of sending blood, plasma and coagulants to hospitals in rural areas of the country.

On a personal level, drones are used for filming events, such as weddings and parties, as well as filming for movies and YouTuber channels.

Drone with a camera device that allows you to film events for movies and youtube channels

Technology in favour of training: the use of drones by young people

Young people are usually very passionate about technology. Technological products, the more sophisticated and different, arouse their attention and interest. Drones, which are somewhat new, have a huge potential to engage students and add much more value to their knowledge.

Technology should not be used only as a tool to facilitate learning of usual programmatic content, but as a more practical and dynamic way of teaching these young people how to know and know how to use this technology itself, creating young people prepared for the future, which should be increasingly technological.

The main point of using this modality of the device is to educate these young people in the field of science, technology, mathematics, engineering and the like. Know how drones work best, how to use them, what to do in case of problems, how to improve the experience with the equipment, in short, deal with that technology fully and use it to your advantage.

Make Block, a Chinese startup created a modular drone, which can be freely assembled and disassembled, in line with its goals. Besides being able to manipulate these physical aspects, it has an application that allows the programming of several actions, without major complications.

The relatively simple operation of this drone allows young people an easy understanding and manipulation of this technology. The fact that it is mountable and has software that allows for varied programming helps young people to learn to program and apply engineering knowledge in a playful way.

Drone developed by Chinese startup
A drone developed by Chinese startup Make block

 Learning in a playful way with drones

Parents are sometimes afraid that their children may be over-involved in a variety of technological artefacts. However, with due care, technology can be extremely favourable and beneficial to them, as its functioning produces a series of beneficial stimuli.

We live in a technological age, where more and more we have places and activities taken by machines, by different technologies. Drones are one of the many ways to prepare young people to better deal with this reality.

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