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Do you remember that  To show off you have to suffer? Well, forget it. The ‘new’ fashion in sneakers for women are white sneakers . It is no longer mandatory to attend an event in heels. Nothing of that. Women’s shoes have found their niche. If celebrities show up on the red carpet with them… why can’t we?

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Convenience, style and comfort, all in one. This is the new fashion in sneakers for women. Although, to be honest, new new is not. We have been seeing these white sneakers for months, but now, in the spring-summer season, more than ever. That is why we wanted to return to the topic and tell you the news.

Two-in-one fashion: style and comfort

Many designers have opted for sporty fashion  and have uploaded garments such as sweatshirts, sweatpants and sports shoes to the catwalks! . What a great idea, you must be thinking. And it is that, seeing them parading on the catwalks, is like a green traffic light for comfort and convenience. The best? That in addition, you are fashionable and in line with trends. One of the pioneers in betting on this fashion was him, Karl Lagerfeld, and he did it on January 21, 2014. The model Cara Delevingne opened the Spring 2014 haute couture show with  white sneakers with silk laces. I think rarely has a model been so comfortable on the catwalk.

White women’s sneakers seen in the blogosphere

One of the best thermometers to measure a trend is, without a doubt, fashion blogs. And we wanted to see if this trend of white sneakers is just a fad or a fact confirmed by the most influential bloggers. The result has been this: all the fashion blogs we have consulted have one or more posts dedicated to  white sneakers . We leave you the proof.

Dulceida and Adidas Stan Smith

It is almost impossible that you have not seen them before. In fact, surely you know someone who has them. I’m wrong? And it is that, the Adidas Stan Smith have become the queens of women’s shoes this year 2016. They are the most sought after and new models do not stop coming out (although the classic that is seen in the photograph is the most sought after) . For this season, Adidas has reinvented them and added a cork strip to the sole. Trend that, by the way, we already anticipated in the post of patterned shoes .

Lovely Pepa and  Voile Blanche

We did not know this brand, but Lovely Pepa has already presented it several times on her blog. They are Voile Blanche sneakers , and although they are not all white models, we love them because they have silver details and a quite powerful and large sole. The truth is that they look comfortable, right? Also, as you can see, it doesn’t matter how neat the look is. The white women’s sneakers are suitable with any outfit . 

Month voyages to Paris and white Morly

The blogger Mónica Sors proposes a very interesting low cost version. They are a pair of Morly brand women’s shoes that do not exceed 40 euros. You can find them on Just Fav . No one said that sneakers have to be branded and cost three figures!

Style lovely and converse All Star DIY

And to finish this tour of fashion blogs, we leave you with the most original version. Hand-customized converse. How? Take a look at the blogger’s post on customizing sneakers step by step on  stylelovely.com . It’s easy, cheap and the result will be unique shoes. Do you dare to tune them?

How to combine sneakers for women?

It is one of the big questions that goes through anyone’s head when we take our sneakers out of the closet. But do not spread panic. As you have seen, they are shoes suitable for all looks . Everyone. From wedding dresses (Dior did it…), to tracksuits and jeans. What do you need even more inspiration? Take note because Marta Riumbau proposes several combinations.

And you, what sneakers do you have in your closet? Are you from Stan Smith or Superstar? Do you prefer the Alma en pena dancers  that we present to you for their anniversary? Tell us which side you are on and which side of women’s sneakers you belong to. I have it clear and my wardrobe too. Where there are some comfortable shoes… let him take off the rest!


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